Support for People Aged 65+

Open Grant Round – Support for People Aged 65+

We believe people over the age of 65 are a positive asset in our society, but we also recognise that some people in this age group may require a helping hand. We are currently accepting applications for projects in our area of benefit that will provide activities and services for people aged 65+ in order to address key issues identified through research and stakeholder conversations.

This includes:

  • Loneliness and social isolation
  • Ill health – physical and mental, including dementia
  • Unmet needs for care and support
  • Poor housing/living accommodation issues
  • Poverty
  • Malnutrition
  • Digital exclusion i.e. no access to the internet/no IT skills
  • Mobility problems
  • Transport and Accessibility of services/activities
  • Secretarial/ handyman support
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Mental and emotional deconditioning as a result of the pandemic

We ask that all applicants engage with people over the age of 65+ to design their project and think how you might “do with” this age group, rather than “do to”. We are looking for projects that reach those people who do not yet have local support. Where people are able to afford to pay for your support they should be offered this option so that the funding can reach more people who are unable to pay.

We are open to considering all projects that meet the grant guidance and are particularly keen to fund:

  • Befriending and connecting projects that address loneliness and isolation. These should focus on creating long-term meaningful relationships and a sense of purpose for the people taking part. They should focus on those who are most lonely. This would not include one-off day trips unless they are part of a programme of support that creates longer-term, sustainable activities.
  • Projects to improve mental, physical and/or emotional health e.g. support with changes of circumstances like health, caring or bereavement; support to address physical de-conditioning; targeted clinical mental health interventions by qualified staff; activities that are proven to enhance wellbeing.
  • Face-to-face financial and practical support for individuals e.g. managing bills; help with finance/benefits; handy person schemes; life administration support.
  • Digital divide/exclusion initiatives i.e. ways to help those excluded from web connectivity. These should consider how beneficiaries will continue to be able to access digital services after the project ends e.g. continuing access to data.
  • Projects that aim to improve the accessibility of provision e.g. transport; new operating hours; new locations. We are not accepting applications for capital funding for access improvements to buildings in this grant round.
  • The expansion of successful initiatives into new areas (this could be geographical extension or expanding the type/range of activities).
  • Volunteer recruitment and development to support increased/wider delivery. This could include supporting your beneficiaries to volunteer too.
  • Improved networking and partnership around the actual delivery of services and activities.
  • Trialling/piloting or developing sustainability initiatives e.g. things that may help to sustain future service delivery.
  • New partnership working that extends or improves service delivery.

How to apply

Grants of between £10,000 to £40,000 are available for individual eligible organisations and higher amounts for partnerships that contact the Foundation for permission before applying. Closing date is 12 noon on Monday 12 September.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Foundation to have an informal chat to discuss their application if they are not sure it fits the criteria for this funding round or if you have any questions.

Call Leah Swain on 07724 832982 or email

If you need support to develop your project idea or write an application then please get in touch with your local support organisations below.

For organisations in Scarborough Borough and the North York Moors National Park:

Community First Yorkshire

01904 704177 or

For organisations in Redcar and Cleveland:

Redcar & Cleveland Voluntary Development Agency

01642 440571 or

Tees Valley Rural Action

01642 213852 or

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