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Woodsmith Foundation receives an annual donation from the Woodsmith Mine through Anglo American plc. We award funding against our five charitable objectives which can be found here.

***** If your organisation is assisting Ukrainian refugees in our area of benefit and you need support please do get in touch *****

In August 2021 we awarded 36 grants to support and enable Covid-19 recovery. These projects will be delivered over 12 months and are focused on helping people in our communities to get out and about, regain their confidence and restart their lives, as the country begins to come out of lockdown.

In December 2021 we awarded 27 grants to support children and young people to have Time Together. These grants were to organisations working with existing groups of children and young people who had asked them what fun activity they would love to do together after a tough few years. We are pleased to be able to fund a wide range of activities that will leave the children with some lovely memories of having time together with their friends.

In February 2022 we awarded 13 grants to deliver climate change action projects. These projects will be delivered over the next 12 months and will help us to better understand what types of climate change action work well and create impact. We plan to share the good practice and learning to encourage more people and groups to consider taking action locally.

In March 2022 we awarded 6 grants to deliver emotional wellbeing support to children and young people. This is a large grant round of £480,000 so we have commissioned a learning partner to work with the successful projects over the next two years and help us measure the impact of each approach we have funded. Collectively this programme will offer 600 children and young people and their families support.

In April 2022 we awarded 42 grants through our small capital and training grants. £177,740 was awarded in total and approximately 70% of the grants were to organisations who have not previously received funding from the Foundation. There was a good range of projects, including affordable housing, bereavement counselling training, refurbishment of community facilities, sports coach qualifications, washing facilities for homeless people, kayaks for sea cadets, and volunteer training to tackle knife crime.

In addition we have made donations to secondary school hardship funds and awarded 5 grant awards through the Young and Talented Fund.

Planned grant rounds up until December 2022 include:

  • Young and Talented fund – to offer support to children and young people with a demonstrable talent but who have financial constraints that may stop them reaching their full potential. Open for applications at any time up to October 2022 with decisions on grants made monthly.
  • Support for People Aged 65+ grant round – funding round open and details below.
  • Community Grants – funding round open and details below.
  • Cost of Living Crisis Funding – this is in response to the rising cost of living and will be commissioned direct to frontline organisations during summer 2022 to provide crisis funding during the winter of 2022.

Accepting Grant Applications – Young and Talented Fund

We are currently accepting applications for children and young people across our area of benefit who can demonstrate exceptional skill in their chosen subject, but who face barriers to reaching their potential due to lacking the funding they need to progress.

Grants of up to £1,500 are available.

This is a rolling grant round and we are open to grant applications at any time between January and October 2022.

You will need to call the Foundation to obtain an application form.

Support for People Aged 65+

We are currently accepting applications for projects that will provide activities and services for people aged 65+ in order to address key issues for this age group identified through research and stakeholder conversations.

Please see the grant guidance for more information.

Community Grants

We are currently accepting applications for small capital and revenue grants (£500 to £10,000) to help a wide range of local organisations to do good things in their communities.

Small grant rounds are popular so this year we are focussing the funding on specific areas of work and we have also tiered the amount of funding that can be applied. Please see the grant guidance for more information.

During the summer of 2022 we will be considering which issues we would like to focus on for the next two grant rounds. In the autumn we will open a grant round for skills development opportunities. We plan to commission research on approaches for early years interventions that can improve the future health and education chances of children in our area of benefit. This research will inform spending plans in 2023. In addition the Foundation will be working with Anglo American on a joint funded education programme with six secondary schools across our area of benefit.

Our environmental sustainability support programme for grant holders is now in development. We are continuing to develop our thinking on community and youth leadership, community assets, social enterprise support and maximising the impact of previous grant investments.

Over the next year the Trustees will be developing the Foundation’s strategy for medium to long term funding. We reserve the right to change our funding plans and ask you to check our website and Twitter feed (@WS_Foundation_) for the latest information and details when the grant rounds go live.

If your project idea does not fit a current or planned open grant round it may still be of interest to the Foundation if it meets one of our five charitable objectives. We are happy to have a conversation about your idea and the best approach is to email with further information or call Leah Swain on 07724 832982 for a chat.

For each open grant round we strongly encourage you to send in your application early and not wait until the closing date. If we receive your application form two weeks or so before the closing date we have time to do a quick initial review and to come back to you if we spot anything we think may be an issue at the assessment stage.

We can also get in touch with you if we think your project is not eligible or not a good fit for the funding round you have applied for and you would then still have time to think about an alternative project that might be better for the funding round or to look at alternative open grant rounds we may have live.

The Woodsmith Foundation is a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.
Charity number: 1163127

Woodsmith Foundation

Woodsmith Foundation is a Limited Company registered in England – registration number: 08087609.

Registered as a charity in England - registration number: 1163127. Registered office: Resolution House, Lake View, Scarborough YO11 3ZB.

At the Woodsmith Foundation, we only deal with issues related to grant-making. Please contact the Company directly in relation to any information on Woodsmith Mine itself or on its owner, Anglo American Plc.

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